Easiest way to make a PRO website


infographic - comparing web internet providers.jpgEver wanted to make a website? Did you just get
overwhelmed by all the possibilities and HTML?

Does this sound like an infomercial?

This post shows from my own experience, what are the easiest and cheapest ways to build a professional looking website.

aka Why WordPress.com is da best (for my demands):

I’ve decided I want to be a more professional looking photographer. So I’ve been trying to make a website during the last week.

I went through tumblr, blogger, squarespace, wix and few other. On all of them I’ve usually had 2 versions. But on WordPress.com (.com is important .org is a different product) I’ve by far created it the fastest and it had all the features I required:

  1. As little HTML and CSS as possible
  2. Custom domain option (jacox.wordpress.com would look unprofessional)
  3. An easy and fast editor because no template ever can match your expectations, so when I changed my mind I could change the website anytime
  4. Lightbox – a standart thing which not all the listed above have automatically (blogger and tumblr need to have templates or you have to install it manually in HTML)
  5. A way to display my portfolio in a grid, so I’d show more images at once. With the idea behind it being when someone goes to my website and doesn’t like the first picture, he might leave, so I display about 5 of them right off the bat.

Blogger – to edit templates you need to know HTML and CSS. Which makes it hard to change stuff quickly. I want to be a photographer, not a web designer. Plus it’s usually ugly AF.

Tumblr – isn’t really made to hold your portfolio and put blog posts up at the same time. If you have specific needs you must know HTML and CSS. If you want an advanced template, you have to pay $50.

Squarespace, Wix – they are just out of my range at the moment (8*12 USD/YEAR) but comparing to WordPress (13 USD/YEAR) they are pretty much the same when it comes to my needs.

The only downside (for me) of free hosting on WordPress is that an advert can appear on the bottom of the page. But I’m totally fine with that, since I’m on a tight budget.

All in all I’ve paid 20 USD (13 USD on WordPress.com and about 7 USD on a czech domain registrar) and I have a website with a nice interface and a template that can be changed any time and on top of that a professional looking domain jacox.cz


If you remember my post on quitting the broke mentality, you can see that I went with the most cost effective thing. I was willing to spend money and (I think) I spent it smartly.

What is your experience? Do you have a better solution? Let me know in the comments.


One thought on “Easiest way to make a PRO website

  1. I think it´s a reasonable choice, more and more web pages are based on WP (device independent responsiveness, i.e. smartphone view, “price”, and lot of plug-ins :-).


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