Printing for free

IMG_0077-EditOk, so I came to a conclusion, that nobody would actually read a long text on Instagram, so here is a long text on my blog.

I saw an ad from Saal Digital on Instagram that offered 1400 CZK in coupons for prints in exchange for a short review on IG.

So here it is.


Delivery speed: 5/5 considering it being shipped from Germany; it was here 8 days later
First look: 4/5 because of the lost detail in the shadows
Sharpness: 3/5 pretty damn unsharp when looked upon from 30cm, some were worse than others
Colors first look: 5/5 just because I didn’t have to do any test prints and have a shit monitor, the colors are super close to what I am seeing, this was my main concern
Colors overall:  4/5 slightly desaturated, a bit warmer than expected
Contrast: 3/5


lost detail in shadows slightly, but I would blame my monitor for that
PVC: 4/5 slightly warped, but it doesn’t matter at all
Price: 2/5 pretty costly (about 1400 for two 30x45cm prints and one 30×30), the cost is higher than normal photopaper mainly due to the PVC; but still high
Overall: 3/5 Pretty good quality for no test prints, biggest con is the sharpness

As always my main concern when printing is, how are their monitors and printers color calibrated in comparison to mine, which can result in a very different print than what you are seeing on your monitor.

Thus I really like to be present for the printing and see some samples before committing to a large scale print. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to pay for the samples, however, since this company is based in Germany, it would be complicated and

Verdict: I would say that it is slightly overpriced (1650 CZK for 3 prints; ¬200 shipping included), also you are giving up control by not overseeing the printing by yourself, thus any warranty is hard to claim since I live in Prague and they print it in Germany.

That said, the prints pleasantly surprised me, they are in a very good quality, except for the loss of detail in the shadows and a slightly warmer tone of 2 of the pictures which is probably my fault, since I was color grading on my laptop. The biggest disappointment was the sharpness, with which I have never had a problem in the past.


Disclaimer: The shots of the prints were not taken in studio lighting because I was a bit lazy, also I did not use a tripod, however the big sharpness/resolution difference is there. Also the colors are not representative the images are here just to prove the point for the sharpness.


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